Trading with Banc de Binary

Trading with Banc de Binary -What are the Advantages?

Banc de Binary is a popular binary options broker that appeared in the market during 2009. The main advantage of the broker is the transparency related to the team that manages it and the location where it is situated. It is situated in New York City, in the centre of the Wall Street.

Its main trading platform is easy to use and very friendly because it is 100% web based. Like others web-based platforms it offers traders the advantage of trading and using the platform from all over the world. Actually there are four platforms available that may be chosen by any trader who wants to trade binary options. The first one is called Digital Option Pro and gives traders the opportunity of seeing the evolution of the market as there is a market analysis generated by the Banc De Binary team. The second platform Option Builder allows traders to create their own trades, including the maximum risk that they are willing to accept but also the minimum profit that they would like to achieve. The third platform One Touch offers a profit potential of up to 500% of the investment that was made initially, but at the same time it offers the ability of anticipating the evolution of the market prices. Last but not least, there is the BinaryMeta platform that works in the same way as the other three platforms. A feature that is provided to traders in addition involves the ability of monitoring the evolution of trades in real time.

There is also an article about Banc De Binary analyzing this broker and highlighting some of its most important features. Banc De Binary offers payout profits of up to 81% of the initial investment. Traders are able from the beginning to know exactly the profit that they can make but also the risk involved in their trading action. For those that deposit money for the first time there is also 50% bonus available

Moreover, the broker offers a great asset index, including up to 90 assets that can be chosen by the traders in order to make profits. What is more, traders can choose the expiry time from four different expiry periods, starting from 15 minutes and ending with one day. Traders who have questions and need direct answers can appeal to the Banc De Binary customer service that can help them right away.

Banc de Binary offers good advantages but also some disadvantages at the same time. The main advantages include the number of available platforms that the broker offers, the payout rate and the wide variety of trading options available. The greater disadvantage is the fact that the bonus available is not as high as in other binary option brokers. All in all, Banc de Binary gained the respect of the trading community because of the features that it offers and because of the transparency of the management team.


■ Edited by David S.


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