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OptionBot 2 Review

OptionBot reviewBinary Options System: OptionBot

Signals Delivery: Automated via Windows-Alerts / Manual Execution

Signals Frequency: Daily Signals

Markets / Assets: Forex Currencies

Cost: 97 USD (one-time payment)

Trial: Yes / 7-Day Free Trial


What is OptionBot 2 –Binary Options Indicator

The OptionBot system is a trading indicator specially designed to trade Forex currency pairs using binary options. It is created by Gary Davies. The OptionBot is programmed to analyze Forex price action and identify profitable trades from both market directions. When a new trade is targeted then a live-alert is send to the subscribers via a new window on their PC, MAC or Smartphone. It is an automated alert service but the execution is done manually by the subscriber.

“The System is a Semi-Automated Binary Options Indicator offering a 7-Day Free Trial Period"

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AutoBinary Signals Review

AutoBinary Signals

Binary Options Signals: AutoBinary Signals

Signals Delivery: Automated Alerts (Members Area)

Signals Frequency: Daily Signals

Markets / Assets: Forex Currencies, Major Indices, Stocks

Service Cost: 119.31 USD (one-time payment) 

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The system is designed by Roger Pierce, a pro binary options trader and costs $119.31. This is not a subscription service, with that amount you gain permanent access to the members area. This is a binary option signaling service that offers automatic alerts for trading via the members area. The system focus mainly on trading Forex Currencies and Major Stock Indices.

AutoBinary Signals Service Main Features

Here are the main features of the AutoBinarySignals system:

■ Automatic Trading Alerts

■ Profit / Loss Stabilizing System

■ Core Mechanism of 5 Indicators

■ Supply / Demand Predictor

■ Adaptive to Market Conditions Trading Technology

■ Trade with as little as $50

■ AutoBinary Signals Members Area with Visual Interface (web-based, no install)

The AutoBinary Signals incorporates also a Filtering Strategy which is specially designed to evaluate the Strength, the Confidence and the Likelihood of any potential trade.

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