Commodore 64/128

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Commodore-Logo Commodore 8-bit Computers

Founded by Jack Tramiel, in 1958, Commodore International was an American computer manufacturer. They released a wide variety of 8/16/32-bit computers, including the Amiga line of personal computers. Their most successful model was the C64 which sold more than 14 million units between 1982-1994.

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  • Based on MOS CPUs
  • The C64 features 16 colors, 8 hardware sprites (24×21 pixels), and smooth screen scrolling
  • The sound chip is the impressive SID chip by MOS with 3 channels, 8 octaves, and 4 waveforms per audio channel (triangle, sawtooth, variable pulse, noise)
  • The SID chip is included in the models C64, C128, CBM-II, and MAX

graphics C64 Graphics & Video Modes

C64 Color Palette
C64 16-Color Palette
  • 320x200 pixels with 16 colors (HiRes mode)
  • 320x200 pixels with 4 colors, by allowing mixing colors together (MCI Mode)
  • There are 5 additional video modes
  • Hardware sprites & hardware scrolling

Commodore 128

  • Up to 640×200 with 16 RGB colors
  • Hardware sprites & hardware scrolling

Commodore 16 & Plus4

  • The Commodore 16 & Plus4 models offer a considerably better color palette containing 121 composite video colors
  • Hardware sprites & hardware scrolling
Commodore 16 & Plus4 Color Palette (121 colors)

sound Sound Capabilities

Commodore 64/128 include the fantastic 6581 SID sound chip from MOS:

  • 3 channels (mono), ADSR-controllable
  • 8 octaves and 4 waveforms per audio channel (triangle, sawtooth, variable pulse, noise)
  • 3 ring modulators
  • Multi-mode filter
  • The creator of the SID chip, Bob Yannes, was also involved in the creation of the Ensoniq 5503 Chip (DOC) included in the Apple IIGS

ChartCommodore Sales Figures

These are some basic sales figures regarding the 8-bit Commodore computers.

Table: Commodore International 8-bit computers



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