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What are Binary Options? -Trading Guide

Getting Started with Binary Options Trading

What are Binary Options?

Binary or Digital Options are a relatively new Financial Instrument. Binary Options provide only two possible outcomes Win or Lose (0/1). Binary Options Trading has become very popular among world traders as it provides a simple way of trading the daily fluctuations in the Global Financial Markets. Binary Options are classed as an Exotic Asset Type.

Why Binary Options Have Become so Popular?

(i) Easy Trading Environment (Even for Beginners)

(ii) Pre-Determined Risk and Reward

(iii) Make Profits from both directions (Bullish and Bearish Markets)

(iv) Make Profits even from tiny fluctuations

(v) Trade 24/5 any Financial Market (Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Metals, Energy, Indices)

(vi) Trade-in Different Time-frames (from 1 minute to several months)

(vii) Flexibility -Build your own binary options via Features such is the Binary Options Builder

(viii) Take advantage of High Bonus Promotions

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FAQ -What are Binary Options?

FAQ Binary Option Traders


What are Binary Options?

Binary or Digital Options are a relatively new way of trading in the global financial markets. Trading binary options can only have two outcomes for a trader, Win-or-Loose (0/1). If the trade is correct (win), the trader may earn payouts 65-95%. If the trade loses, the trader may get a refund back (0-15%). In most cases, the sum of the Payout and the Refund Rates does not exceed 90% of the value of the initial trade.


How Can I Choose the Best Broker to Trade Binary Options?

You should focus mainly on the Payout and Refund Rate but there are many other aspects that you should consider before choosing a broker. BinaryValue includes an extended Broker Rating Section powered by the Rating Formula v3.5 where you may very useful ratings and comparisons between popular Binary Options Brokers.

» Learn more on the Rating Formula v3.5

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Binary Option Trading Tips

10 Binary Options Trading Tips & Secrets 

10 Trading Tips


Here are 10 important binary option trading tips. The implementation of each unique piece of advice can't lead to trading profitability, but the cumulative effect of all the following tips may prove positive for your future portfolio value.


General Tips


1. Pick the right Binary Option Broker

The right binary options broker means a broker offering a high payout and refund rate but also a broker that can ensure the safety of your funds. Furthermore, when you choose a broker be aware about the existence of fees {like withdrawal fees} and the existence of the essential trading options.


2. Read the News

Read carefully the latest news and compare them with the current market expectations. Check how historically your asset has reacted when such news was released. Is it to hard task for you? That is good, because what is hard it can’t be done by every trader. What can’t be done by every trader may lead you to a long-run trading competitive advantage. A long-term trading advantage may lead you to long-term portfolio profitability.

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Option Broker Ratings

Binary Option Brokes Ratings are based on our unique Formula v.3.5 which combines 4 major factors: Safety of Funds, Competition, Trading Options and Technology..

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Trading Systems Reviews

Learn how to trade the Global Financial Markets via Binary Options and review popular Binary Options Trading Systems...

Binary Options Robots

Learn how to create a custom Expert Advisor for trading Binary Options given only your binary options broker supports MetaTrader4.

» Creating Custom Robots for Trading Binary Options

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