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Trading Stocks and Strategy

Phillip Fisher has sometime said “The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing”. Actually this is true, but is real value what drives the stock markets today? After the introduction of the derivatives market back in 1987 nothing is the same regarding the financial markets activity. Due to the domination of the Derivatives, the financial markets today have turned to shorterism and thus they are trading the news more than they are trading real value.

A smart investor must be an investor and a trader at the same time. So when the time is right he must trade the news and other times he must trade real value. We could say that the news-trading is more suitable in short-term periods while the real-value trading is more important in long-term periods. 

Trading Stocks Strategy

In this Article it is presented a strategy to trade stocks focusing on real value. This strategy is clearly investing-oriented and that involves long-term thinking.

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The Forex Market

The Foreign Exchange Market (Forex)

The Forex Market


Forex in General

The Forex or FX is the Global Foreign Exchange Market where the world’s currencies are traded against its other. The Forex Currencies are traded in pairs and are divided into Majors, Minors and Exotic Forex pairs. The Forex market is the largest and the most liquid financial market in the whole world. The daily turnover activity in the Forex market is estimated more than 4 trillion USD. The Bank for International Settlements reported in 2012 that the Forex market exceeded 4.9 trillion USD per day.

Forex Market Participants

The Forex market includes many different types of participants like:

1) Banks (Central, Retail or Investment banks)

2) Retail and Institutional investors

3) Day-Trade speculators

4) International and National Firms

5) Forex Brokers (ECN, STP and Dealing-Desk Forex Brokers)

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Trading Commodities & Categories

What is a Commodity

A commodity is a raw material used to produce a final product. A commodity may be a metal, an agricultural commodity or an energy commodity. Commodities usually meet three important criteria:

1. Tradability

2. Deliverability

3. Liquidity 

3 Categories of Commodity Assets

All commodities are divided into 3 major categories: 

1. Precious, Rare and Industrial Metals

1.1 Precious Metals

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium,

1.2 Industrial Metals

Copper, Steel, Aluminium, Cobalt, Nickel

1.3 Rare metals

Rhodium, Titanium, Indium, Germanium, Cadmium, Magnesium, Chromium, Beryllium, Niobium, Manganese, Silicon, Selenium, Lithium, Vanadium, Wolframite, Tantalum, Gallium, Tellurium.

2. Agricultural and LiveStock Commodities

2.1 Agricultural Commodities

Corn, Oats, Rice, Soybeans,  Soybean Oil, Wheat, Milk, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Orange Juice

2.2 Livestock Commodities

Lean Hogs, Frozen Pork, Live Cattle

3. Energy Commodities

Brent Crude Oil, WTI Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, Ethanol, Propane, Purified Terephthalic Acid


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