IBM PCs.. Creating the Standard

Submitted by binaryvalue on Wed, 06/01/2022 - 08:59

Released in August 1981, the IBM Personal Computer was IBM’s first microcomputer and the hardware platform that created the standard for PC compatibles. The IBM PC used an open architecture and the PC-DOS from Microsoft. Later, in 1984, IBM released the considerably improved IBM AT based on 80286 and a 16-bit AT bus.

NeXT & NeXTCube.. the MACOS Savior

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Released in 1988, the NeXT computer is a legendary workstation developed and manufactured by NeXT Inc. until 1993. The company was founded by Steve Jobs, after resigning from Apple. However, Apple purchased NeXT in 1996 for over $400 million, and a great number of their innovations, such as the OS, were incorporated in later Apple products.