Amiga 3000.. the 'Dream Machine'

Submitted by binaryvalue on Fri, 05/27/2022 - 07:46

Released in mid-1990, the Commodore Amiga 3000 is a 32-bit high-end business machine featuring the MC68030, ECS graphics, a revision of the AmigaOS, and a standard VGA output. A3000 is fully compatible with old Amigas and can be seen as the ‘dream machine’ of every Amiga user, the only con is that it can’t run AGA software.

Macintosh Color Classic I/II

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Priced at $1,399, the Macintosh Color Classic was manufactured from February 1993 to May 1995. However, it was sold up to January 1998 in the European and Japanese markets. The color classic offered the "all-in-one" design, with an integrated color RGB Sony Trinitron display. It was the first "all-in-one" Mac to adopt a new modern design with a lot of lines and curves.


Atari Transputer ATW-800.. Faster than the Light!

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The Atari Transputer or ATW-800 or ATW is a workstation manufactured in the late 1980s. The ATW’s architecture is based on parallel computing processor technology, developed by the British company Inmos. The system is able to accommodate from 1 to 17 transputer CPUs working in parallel.

Amiga 1200.. the Home Micro of the Future!

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Released in October 1992, Amiga 1200 was sold for £399 in the UK and $599 in the United States. A1200 was one of the best home micros of all time featuring 24-bit graphics, a 32-bit architecture, and the new 3.0/3.1 operating system. The computer was in production even after Commodore’s demise, until 1996.

Apple Lisa 1/2

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The Lisa is a rare GUI-based business computer released by Apple Computer, Inc. in 1983. There are two editions (Lisa I and Lisa II), while Lisa 2/10, was modified and later released as the Macintosh XL. The Lisa computer was more advanced than the later Macintosh 128/512K but it was far more expensive. Lisa 1 was sold for $9,995 which means around $29,000 in today’s money. Lisa 2 was less expensive.

  • It is estimated that around 10,000 Lisa units were sold (only 500 Lisa 1)