Amiga CD32

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The Commodore Amiga CD32 is a 32-bit game console released in September of 1993 in Europe. It was also released in Canada, Australia, and Brazil. Initially, the system sold well in Europe, and managed to gain a 50% share of the UK’s CD-ROM-based market. Later, 30,000 CD32 units, that were produced to be sold in the US, were seized in the Philippines due to a lawsuit. This was devastating news for Commodore’s fragile cash flows. The console was discontinued in April, 1994.

Atari Falcon 030.. the Talented Home Micro!

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Released in 1992, Falcon 030 was Atari's last computer. Falcon was well ahead of its time by featuring the 32-bit 68030, the powerful 56001 DSP from Motorola, 24-bit graphics, and 8 stereo PCM channels (50 kHz ). Falcon was more expensive than its main competitor Amiga 1200 and sold not too many units.

Atari ST/TT/Falcon

Atari-logoMade for the masses, not the classes

Released in April 1985, the Atari ST was one of the first 16-bit home computers in the world. Based on Motorola 68K, the ST offered processing power, 512K of RAM, a GUI, 512 colors, and a 3-voices sound.