Amiga CD32

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The Commodore Amiga CD32 is a 32-bit game console released in September of 1993 in Europe. It was also released in Canada, Australia, and Brazil. Initially, the system sold well in Europe, and managed to gain a 50% share of the UK’s CD-ROM-based market. Later, 30,000 CD32 units, that were produced to be sold in the US, were seized in the Philippines due to a lawsuit. This was devastating news for Commodore’s fragile cash flows. The console was discontinued in April, 1994.

Atari Falcon 030.. the Talented Home Micro!

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Released in 1992, Falcon 030 was Atari's last computer. Falcon was well ahead of its time by featuring the 68030 CPU plus the powerfull 56001 DSP from Motorolla, and by offering 24-bit graphics and 8 stereo PCM channels (50 kHz ). Falcon was more expensive than its main competitor Amiga 1200 and sold not too many units.

Atari ST/TT/Falcon

Atari-logoMade for the masses, not the classes

Released in April 1985, the Atari ST was one of the first 16-bit home computers in the world. Based on Motorola 68K, the ST offered processing power, 512K of RAM, a GUI, 512 colors, and a 3-voices sound.