Xerox Alto.. the birth of Modern Computing in 1973

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Designed in 1972 and released in March 1973, Xerox Alto is a revolutionary machine built by Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). The innovations brought by Alto included the first-ever Graphical User Interface, LAN, optical mouse, and high-res bitmapped display. The Alto was also the first computer to use a laser printer, an invention also by Xerox. The Xerox Alto wasn’t a commercial computer, it was a research prototype used by universities and the Xerox PARC itself.

Amiga 2000.. a TV Star among us

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 Released in March 1987, the Commodore Amiga 2000 is a multi-featured business machine based on the MC68000 CPU. The A2000 features OCS hardware graphics, PCM stereo sound, multitasking, and a GUI. The model was discontinued in 1991, shortly after Commodore released the Amiga 3000. The A2000 is a very expandable computer and the first Amiga with a Zorro II bus. It was designed with an open architecture, something that led several government organizations, such as NASA, to use it for various tasks.